Power generation based on ocean thermal energy conversion

September 28, 2008 · Filed Under Clean Tech 

We all enjoy a summer swim at the beach sometimes during our summer vacation or a deep sea diving or even a water snorkeling, well if you can get away from your work. Have you ever felt the water temperature drops down as you go deeper during your swimming or diving experiences? Deep water divers are quite familiar with this phenomenon. I always asked myself are there any ways where we could take advantage of this situation. I read in a magazine article there are ideas or even demo products in converting seawater waves kinetic energy to electricity but what about this temperature difference. Well, when I did some sole and internet searching I found out that I am not the only one that was thinking about this phenomenon. In fact this goes back to 1881 by a French scientist J. D’Arsonval. But up to year 2000 this was nothing but an idea, until a Japanese company out of Tokyo by the name of XENESYS in cooperation with Saga university in Japan came with a experimental model that take advantage of this phenomenon. The product is called OTEC which stands for Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. According to the company the system not only takes advantage of these thermal differences to produce electricity but also it helps with desalination of salty water among other application. One of the applications that I found interesting was what is called as “Aquaculture”. The way this is done is by extracting all the minerals and rare metals from deep seawater and then transferring it to surface of sea in development of fish farms and other sea vegetation for human consumption. I wonder how we can take advantage of difference in ground any ideas.

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