Fujitsu’s world first video processing technology for Vehicles

November 18, 2008 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Vehicle mounted camera technology is not something new. In fact it has been in the market for several years now. Some car manufacture equipped their new vehicle with a spot based cameras for instant camera that will assist drivers with the blind spot and for one for rear view and so on. There are also vehicle with four camera system. They are there to insure the safety of drivers but in most instances it causes more distraction than anything else due to the reason that drivers do not recognize the view that it has been presented to them by the system, which in many instances is more harmful than safe. As a result of it , many drivers although they have the camera system aboard still use the old fashion way of turning the head and using the side mirrors depending on the driving situations. The issues with the view presentation and frankly with the whole system up to now is that the driver has a difficulty to recognize the point of view or otherwise the perspective, sight line as well as field of view that is presented to driver on their monitor. To make the situation worst these cameras do not integrate the field of view information that the driver really needs to pay his/her immediate attention. And finally the perimeter that driver is viewing is only within 2 meters which is requires some instant decision making. In order to overcome these issues and technological holes, Fujitsu laboratory with HQ in Kawasaki Japan developed a technology which is referred by company as “3D VIRTUAL PROJECTION/POINT OF VIEW CONVERSION TECHNOLOGY” for four camera system vehicles. In a nutshell the system simply process all the video images into a 3-D curved plane and presents it as a virtual 3-D video, plus it offers conversion of the video images into views from any desirable point of view from vehicle’s surroundings most of us call it the OMNI view.
The system is comprised of MB86R01 SoC (System-on-a-Chip) graphics chip for automobiles from Fujitsu Microelectronics Limited which supports the OpenGL ES(2), a general-purpose embeddable image-processing platform; and a video-processing chip that combines video images from four cameras. This system achieves real-time operation with 30 millisecond video processing time. This is fast.
I have not checked out this technology yet but from my own experience I can tell that it takes sometime to get use to it, like any other new technology. The good example of this is the introduction of automatic door luck where a driver at a distance away could open and luck their door. But believe or not most people were doing this right by their vehicles. We are human after all.
This post was inspired by Fujitsu press release.

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