100% removal of bird flu virus with Flash Streamer Technology by DAIKIN

May 28, 2009 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Trendy Products 

DAIKIN with collaboration of National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology (NIHE) demonstrated the 100% removal of bird flu virus A type H5N1 in three hours through use of DAIKIN air purifier which has been developed based on DAIKIN Flash Streamer technology. Through use of Flash Streamer Technology the protein on the surface of the bird flu virus was disintegrated and removed resulting in loss of its infectious power. Flash Streamer technology is an electro-discharge which has been incorporated in DAIKIN’s air purifier with 1,000 times decomposing (Oxidizing) power than glow discharge which is the most common type of plasma that is used by a plasma ionizer for electrostatic dust collection. The high-speed electrons emitted by the Flash Streamer helps with the removal of chemical substances such as formaldehyde through oxidative action brought about by the presence of these electrons.
Furthermore the capability of photocatalytic filters has been greatly improved by the Flash Streamer resulting in removal of more allergens and adjuvant substances. Flash Streamer also features an increased disinfection power and improved odour breakdown.

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