Development of HOLOTRANS a washable heat-transfer Hologram by DNP

June 16, 2009 · Filed Under Coffee Break, Trendy Products 

Brand tags and labels which are attached to products such as clothing, bags, and shoes provide information on the brand name, size, and country of manufacture and also play a role in preventing forged and counterfeited goods. Counterfeiting is a big business around the world hurting businesses and consumer alike every year making businesses to search for a solution which would allow the consumer to easily recognize an authentic item, based on this need Nippon DOM and DNP have jointly developed HOLOTRANS a heat-transfer holographic labels which can be attached to fabric products such as clothing, bags and shoes which is able to withstand both washing and dry-cleaning.
The existing hologram products were intended to be use on paper, plastic and metal surfaces but up to now no such product has been developed to be attached to soft materials such as fabric. The HOLOTRANS comes with improved holographic quality paired with adhesive which is able to significantly withstand washing and dry-cleaning. In addition to providing advanced security, holograms enable the creation of brand logos and other designs that have a strong impact on the consumer. The price of HOLOTRANS is 15 to 30 yen for 15 x15 mm label when purchased in lots of 1 million or more. The HOLOTRANS has been available as of May of this year and it was exhibited during 4th RFID solution EXPO in Tokyo.

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