“White Goat” a toilet paper production machine

June 23, 2009 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Green Tech, Trendy Products 

When it comes to information security this product really hits the target. Shredding of confidential and non-confidential printed information now a days is a normal activity within a company and if you can do it yourself it is a perfect job to be outsourced. But wouldn’t it be nice to save that money by doing it yourself and getting something back in return. Well, Nakabayashi a leading Japanese manufacturer of various office products and services such has bookbinding services, paper/office products, digital related products & services and environmental-friendly products and machine manufacture company Oriental jointly developed a small automatic toilet paper production machine.
The “White Goat” as the company refers to it, is capable of making a roll of toilet paper from shredded paper at office. It will take the “White Goat” 30 minutes to produce one roll of toilet paper using approximately 1800 shredded sheet of A4 size paper which translates to production of 48 toilet paper rolls in 24 hours operation. The other ingredient in producing your toilet roll is water; it takes about 10 to 15 liters of water every other day in order to operate the “White Goat”. The “White Goat” operates with a standard 100V power supply and it does not require any special plumbing and equipment as well as electrical work. The “White Goat” comes with the dimension of W1830 × D810 × H1800mm and it weighs about 600 kg. According to the company by using “White Goat” provide a easy information management by keeping all the paper documents with in the company and at the same time contributing to waste reduction. The price tag for “White Goat” is around 9,000,000 yen and it will go on sale from the end of August. I agree the price tag is not with in budget range of small offices but you could simply share the cost among several small offices to benefit from this technology.

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