World’s first new ecology mail system “Handy Eco Mail”

June 25, 2009 · Filed Under Oh My God 

“Handy Eco Mail” is simply a mail packing system using tape and address label directly on a pamphlet instead of using envelop or vinyl for packing the pamphlet. When the pamphlet gets through the “Handy Eco Mail”, it automatically closes the open side of the pamphlet with tape. Oh did I forget; the user has to place the address label by hand which company claims this would eliminate any needs for using envelop. The tape that has been used in “Handy Eco Mail” features a weak bonding characteristic allowing it to be easily removed without damaging the surface of the pamphlet, but at the same time it does not come off easily since it is made of Japanese paper (WASHI). “Handy Eco Mail” has been already used for company newsletter and a direct mail. “Handy Eco Mail” is developed by Tomei Engineering for the purpose of reducing waste. According to the company use of “Handy Eco Mail” will contribute in reduction of waste from one-tenth to one-twentieth. The maximum fitting thickness is 8 mm for up to A4 size making it difficult to be used for thicker magazine and like, and it comes with a hefty price tag of 840000 yen. Well, I really don’t see the ROI on this little gadget, but I assume for a company that sends a lot of pamphlets on a daily bases, the “Handy Eco Mail” is a heavenly solution. Also, why on earth the address labeling couldn’t have been included as an automated function in “Handy Eco Mail”. This would have probably added some merit to this one and only machine in the world. Well, as I always say, you can’t stop progress.

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