Development of Silicon Reflector material and transparent protective film for high-brightness LEDs

September 15, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products 

One of the available methods in improving the brightness of LED lights is by using reflector material which simply reflects the light emitted by LEDs to the front of the display. Currently the material that has been mainly used for reflector is polyphthalamide (PPA), a thermoplastic resin. But PPA tend to change in color in presence of high temperature from the surface of chip of high brightness LED light causing the light’s reflection efficiency to deteriorates resulting in lower brightness of LEDs in such product as general lighting products as well as backlighting unit in LCD TVs. Based on this need, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co, has developed a new silicon base reflective material which exhibits a superior heat resistance and photo-thermal stability properties capable of reflecting light with efficiency of more than 98% with no resulting degradation in LED’S light intensity. The newly developed SWC Series reflectors will be used in general LED lighting products as well as in backlight units in LCD TVs. The other product that was unveiled by Shin-Etsu in response to improve color uniformity in LED lightings is silicon based transparent protective film which exhibits a superb heat resistance and photo-thermal stability. The newly developed LPS-AF Series can be attached to a LED chip’s surface through heating which can easily encapsulate the LED. The LPS-AF is compounded with phosphors capable of changing the blue light which is emitted by a Led to white light resulting in improved color uniformity. According to Shin-Etsu the market size for reflector materials for Led will expand form its present 2.5 billion yen to 7.5 billion yen in 2013.

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