Development of High-Speed USB Hub Controller for Automotive application by Epson

September 16, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

USB undoubtedly is the de facto interface for array of applications such as potable devices and communication modules as well as storage devices such as USB memory and hard disk drives. USB also find its way inside vehicle by allowing devices such as mobile phones and portable audio players to be connected to car navigation systems as well other in-vehicle equipment. However, use of USB in vehicle application posses some mundane challenges for the device developer among them is the high cost of including USB port to a main IC chip as well as lengthy development cycle due to requirement of extensive software development when general purpose USB controller chip is being connected to a local bus and finally, the ICs that are targeted for automotive application requires to comply to stringent specification such as wider temperature range. To address this challenge, Seiko Epson Corporation has made an announcement on development of high speed USB hub controller designed to meet the automotive application challenges. The newly developed S2R72A04 features an operating temperature range of -40 to 105 degrees Celsius one of the widest range in the industry. Being automotive quality grade the S2R72A04 does not require any special software for its operation plus the number of its USB ports can easily be increase by connecting its controller to a USB port on a main IC chip. The S2R72A04 offers a low power design and currently undergoing qualification testing for an AEC-Q100 devices which is an industry standard for automotive quality. Epson has already begun shipping of samples of S2R72A04.

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