Release of Lightweight Rooftop Gardening system by Kuraray

October 21, 2009 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Green Tech, Trendy Products 

Rooftop gardening has become a way of reducing and alleviating the heat island phenomena surrounding Tokyo metropolitan area and at same time participation of the employees of the companies in those buildings in its maintenance is boosting its popularity in other major cities across Japan. The practice is considered to be beneficial in preventing the reflection of sunlight, lessening rainwater drainage, achieving heat insulation that effectively reduces air conditioning costs and at the same time proving an area suitable for rest and relaxation. But one major issue with conventional rooftop gardening systems has been the limitation on the amount of soil used in order to reduce the load on buildings which has resulted in increased soil temperature and in turn a greater tendency towards drying requiring a regular watering and cleaning.
In response to over come this issue Kuraray has developed a lightweight, thin-layer rooftop gardening and corrugated plate roof-greening system. The system uses the soil pouch that was recently developed by Kuraray. The system comes with an upgraded heat insulation that effectively reflects sunlight. The soil pouches can then be filed with appropriate amount of soil and placed on rooftops. The surface is a silvered color made of polyethylene mesh and the bottom is a white colored polyester and polyethylene cloth which has been stitched into a pouch shape. The system uses high heat insulation panels with root-damage-resistant sheets which has been manufactured by Sekisui Plastics and is constructed with a flat surface that is placed over corrugated plate roofs. The mat, filter and soil pouch construction is placed above this allowing plant growth. The company is forecasting a 300 million yen sales in the initial year.

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