Development of Shielded Deep Groove Ball Bearings with High Load Capacity by NSK

January 4, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

NSK high load capcity bearingIn order to increase the service life of bearings used under the heavy loads, there is a need to increase bearing load rating. One solution is to increase the size of the bearings but this may not be a practical option given the limited space inside machinery plus avoiding the increased friction loss which will be caused by larger bearings to save energy. Based on this shortcoming NSK has developed a new general purpose, shielded deep groove ball bearings with high load capacity designed to improve maintainability through longer service life while contributing to energy savings through lower torque. The newly developed bearing achieves a 26% greater dynamic load rating in comparison to conventional ISO standard bearings of the same size. The new bearing comes with increased number of balls while using ultra large diameter balls. The new bearing is also equipped with a newly developed thin shield compatible with ultra large diameter balls in order to create a sealed, grease filled product that is easy to handle resulting in an overall size that is same as conventional models while creating a product capable of high load capacity. Furthermore, the dynamic frictional loss was reduced by 30% in comparison to products with inner diameter one size larger. NSK is expecting an annual sales of 200 million yen for this product by fiscal 2011.

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