Development of Ultra-Low Friction Roller Clutch for Fishing Bait Reels by NSK

February 20, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break 

Here is a bit of news for you fishing enthusiasts. If you have done some fishing whether it was leisurely or professionally, you may very well know that fine control over the lure is an art with a bit of help from the reel ,requiring a reel that delivers a light touch combined with a direct feel plus a minimal play when reeling. To make your fishing experience more enjoyable and rewarding, NSK has developed an ultra-low friction roller clutch for fishing bait reels capable of reducing overrunning friction by 90% comparing to conventional roller clutches in order to enhance reel operation and reel feel.
NSK roller clutch

The new roller capable of ample spring stroke by employing a cantilever shaped spring as well as being optimized for the thickness, width and height of the spring plate resulting in reduction in spring force which creates load resistance during reeling. The reels that come with the new roller clutch ensure reeling with less force with reliable lock against slight tugs on the line from fish bites, ensuring a successful catch. The company is planning for an annual sale of 100 million yen by 2012.

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