Development of the World’s Slimmest Printed Wiring Board with Embedded IC Chips and Passive Components by DNP

March 9, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

DNP new PWBFollowing its success by its announcement of developing and mass producing of printed wiring board (PWB) with embedded passive components, DNP made another stride by announcing on development of world’s slimmest PWB with embedded IC chips as well as passive components such as condensers and resistors, a response with a overwhelming market demand for higher density PWBs, due to increased needs for slimmer and more compact components or digital equipments such as mobile phones.
The newly PWB has been developed based on build-up PWB manufacturing technology which is unique to DNP. In addition to this, the company made further improvements to board and wiring materials that has resulted in reduced thickness of the PWB by approximately 15% to a thickness of just 0.38mm from its previous thickness of 0.45. Through DNP buildup PWB manufacturing technology, a three dimensional structure is formed where IC chip and passive components are mounted both inside and on the surface of a board to help with the downsizing and achieving higher density. Furthermore, this technology will provide the means to freely arrange the electrical connection between the layers, so the components inside the board can be connected to components on the surface of the board at the shortest possible distance, resulting in stable operation of IC chips in addition to improving overall reliability of the module. Embedding components in the standard B2it manufacturing process will also contribute to reduced cost reduction in comparison to other manufacturing techniques. The company has already begun its sample shipment of the new PWB, and aiming for a sales of 6.0 billion JPY by March 31st, 2012.

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