Development of IC Tags and Mounting Technology for Book Industry by DNP

April 2, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

DNP IC tagBy now we have seen all sort of shapes of them, attached to various items, yes, the IC tags which are designed to make the tracing and management of things much smoother. Well, DNP just unveiled its book dedicated IC tags plus mounting technology for facilitating rapid mounting of Tags, 12,000 tags per hour matching speed to be exact. The new tag which has a breath of 10mm, are design to allow for mounting in the spine of books.
The base for developing the IC tag for DNP was traceability as an effective method to stay abreast of the sales of each individual book. One reason to mount the IC tag in the spin of the book was due of reason of collapsing which may occur as result of the uneven thickness of the IC tags. DNP has also achieved adequate communication performance, based on a unique antenna specification, in order to keep the impact of moisture to a minimum. The price per tag, which by the way includes the mounting fee is 15 to 25 JPY.

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