Development of New TACT Switch for Automobile Application by ALPS Electronics

April 12, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Alps TACT SwitchAlps unveiled new SKSG Series TACT Switch for automobile applications. The new switches feature high operation force designed to protect devices against accidental operation when devices such as remote control units are carried around inside pockets or bags, making them ideal for automobile AV equipment as well as car navigation systems or keyless entry systems. The new TACT Switch feature a high operation force of four Newtons with a long operation life of 20,000 cycles.
Alps has developed a new metal contact namely metallic board spring in creating a contact’s optimum configuration by reducing the load against the metal contact when it is pressed, resulting in both high operation force as well as increased life span. In fulfilling the needs of compact and slim consumer devices, Alps achieved a cubic measure which is one third of its conventional products, measuring only (D 2.7mm x W 3.0mm x H 1.4mm). Furthermore, the new TACT Switch is equipped with a stem, eliminating any needs for dimensional precision during design of the final product, contributing to a easier product design process while achieving the switch stable operation. Additionally, the switch comes with a ground function preventing the flow of static electricity into the set device which may potentially cause operational failure and IC destruction. In addition to 4 Newton switch, a lighter operation force of 1.6 Newton is also available in this series designed for use in general digital devices, however the 1.6 Newton switch is not equipped with a ground function. The application of 1.6 Newton switch are portable audio players, digital cameras, game consoles to name a few. The mass production of switch has already begun in April with a planned monthly production of 3 million units at a sample price of 60 JPY (tax incl.).

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