Smokeless Cigarette, Japan Tobacco’s Answer to Anti Smoking Law

May 28, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break 

In a country where anti smoking law has been lagging behind for over 15 years in comparison to some countries such as Canada, Japan Tobacco’s (JT) new Zero-Style Mint, a smokeless cigarette might come as a sigh of relief to rather large smoking community in Japan. The new cigarette is simply made of a plastic pipe and two cartridge containing tobacco leaf. The user gets to inhale the taste of tobacco and the mint flavor without emitting any smoke, eliminating the second hand smoking syndrome.
The Zero-Style Mint does not contain any tar, but it does come with small amount of nicotine. According to JT, one cartridge will last form half a day to a day. But, the new cigarette had a mix review among Japan major airlines. One the up side Japan Airlines (JAL) has given it two thumbs up, a natural response, given the JAL financial conditions. However, All Nippon Airways (ANA) has decided not to go long with the idea, being financially in black. We just have to wait and see how the managements of public places such as restaurant and coffee shops as well as offices will react to this new revelation. Regardless of being smokeless, the company has the same warning message on the package of this new cigarette, just like the regular cigarette, so final verdict rests on you. The price tag for Zero-Style Mint is 300 JPY, and four replacements are sold for 400 JPY. JT has already started selling the new cigarette from May 17th, 2010.

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