SHARP Introduces, Industry’s Thinnest and Most Compact Terrestrial Digital and Analog Tuner Unit

June 28, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

With increasing demand for more thinner and stylish design of LCD TVs as well as digital video recorders products from consumer, manufacturers of such equipment has been working hard in various areas to respond to this demand. One of the components within the LCD TVs as well as digital video recorders that have been cause for over sized products is tuner units within these equipments, where such products typically incorporate multiple tuners in providing the functionality to receive simultaneously multiple channels. Furthermore, the manufacturers of such equipment need to incorporate both digital as well as the analog tuners to fulfill world wide market, which is also instrumental in increasing the final product form factor. In response to this challenge, Sharp has successfully developed an all-in-one terrestrial tuner unit which incorporates both the digital as well as analog circuitry in one unit. The newly developed VA1N2WF2121 tuner unit for terrestrial digital and analog broadcasting features a new silicon tuner IC that fully integrates the components that make up the tuner circuitry in a monolithic semiconductor device. Through this achievement, Sharp has qualified the new tuner unit as industry thinnest profile of only 5mm, and most compact size of 4.44 cc. Furthermore, the new VA1N2WF2121 tuner unit comes with a built-in digital signal processor as well as low-noise amplifier, designed to improve and boost reception performance while contributing to improve viewing experience in areas with poor signal quality. Combining both digital and analog terrestrial broadcasts covering all regions of the world into a single unit eliminates any needs for designing separate receiving circuits for accommodating each broadcast system.
The new VA1N2WF2121 tuner unit has receiving frequency spectrum for VHF, UHF, CATV full-band, with compatibility to 45-862 MHz. The digital output, the IF signal output is from 4 to 57 MHz, and the analog output are the CVBS and SIF signal output. The mass production of VA1N2WF2121 tuner unit will commence as of August 30th, 2010, at a planned monthly production of 500,000 units. The current sample price for each unit is at 20,000 JPY.

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