Development of New Technology for Virtuagram® with Twice the Luminance by DNP

February 22, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

DNP has developed a new technology for Virtuagram, with twice the luminance over the conventional products, ideal for anti-counterfeiting of passports and other ID documents requiring quick and simple authentication. The Virtuagram is a hologram made by using 3-dimensional computer graphics (CG). In conventional Hologram technology, where the holograms are place onto such document as passport tend to reduce their luminance due to roughness of the paper surface. But DNP’s new technology for Virtuagram modifies the relief patterns on the hologram master helping it to increase its reflectance by combining the latest CG technologies with high-definition electron beam lithography, increasing the luminance of the hologram by two fold in comparison to hologram manufactured using conventional CG technologies. High-resolution 3D images provide a first confirmation step for authenticity, followed by other authenticity measures that include printing a layer of materials with specific optical properties over hologram, allowing user to view the material with special viewer.
The Virtuagram is available in a sticker, transfer foil or patch format. It meets performance criteria for passport and ID card that requires certification by printer manufacturers. The Virtuagram can be accompanied with some optional features, for example, the effect can occurs with 180 degrees rotation, hidden text that are visible only when a laser beam is directed at the hologram, as well as embedding of extremely fine text of 10 micrometers or smaller into holographic image that requires a magnifying glass or microscope to confirm. The new Virtuagram comes in size of 17 x 17 mm with the price tag of 2.4 JPY per piece for 1,000,000 piece batch order.

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