Manufacture and Sales of TORETEC, Polyethylene Based Protective Film by Toray

April 19, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Toray Advanced Film has announced the manufacture and sales of polyethylene based self-adhesive protection film for use in various optical films used in LCDs as well as protective films for plastic boards. The manufacturing facility to be built in Taiwan under the name of Toray Advanced Film Kaohsiung Co.,Ltd. The decision to manufacture the film TORETEC in Taiwan was heavily attributed due to strong request from major Taiwanese manufacturer of light guide plates owning the largest market share in the world.
With recent gain in popularity of LED as backlight for LCDs, the demand for surface protection film has seen an increase in demand across Asia, led by demand in luminance improvement films and light guide plates, indispensable materials in production of LED-based LCDs. The new manufacturing facility that will be operational by January of 2013 will expect to reach the output capacity of 17,000 tones per year.

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