Eco-Friendly Marine Power Solution Solar Sail Panels

May 12, 2011 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Green Tech 

Eco Marine Power Co, Ltd. (BMP) a Japanese technology company based in Fukuoka, Japan has recently developed an innovative eco-friendly solar, wind and electric marine power and propulsion systems which company calls it Hybrid Marine Power (HMP) system, capable of lowering fuel consumption, reduce pollution, and energy efficient while helping vessels to operate quietly. BMP has continued its effort in this area by developing a patent pending Aquarius Solar and Wind Power System for marine vessels. This innovative eco-friendly marine power solution uses a specially designed rigid sail panels fitted with solar modules for collecting wind and solar energy on-board ships for reducing vessels carbon footprint. The Aquarius Solar and Wind Marine Power System use an on-board computer system for controlling the deployment of array of rigid sail panels for optimum use of the wind to act as solar energy collectors depending on the weather conditions.
These rigid sail panels will turn the oil tankers and bulk carriers to into part solar ships and part sailing ships. Furthermore, the sail panels can be used while the ship is anchored in the port. As an added safety feature the Aquarius Solar and Wind Marine Power System will automatically stow the sail panels during any adverse weather conditions. The flexibility of the system design will allow it to be installed on various types and sizes of ships and vessels such as coastal freighters, passenger ferries and tourist boats, resulting in reduced manufacturing costs for ship builders. The prototype of this new system will be ready for preliminary testing in early 2012.

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