Development of Super Compact, Low-Power Consuming Sensor by NEC

June 15, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

NEC recently has released a prototype of a compact camera-style sensor that uses face recognition technologies that can be mounted on such equipments as vending machine, POS terminals and ATMs to estimate age and gender of individuals for enhanced marketing strategies. Currently only some of the vending machines are equipped with similar systems capable of estimating and collecting age and gender information simply due to the fact that processing such data is complicated and it requires high-performance computing.
NEC’s new sensor technology has been developed with an aim to increase the presence of sensing technologies in a greater variety of devices offering same sort of functionality.Systems that are equipped with this sensing technology are approximately 1% in size and consume roughly 2% power in comparison to currently available face recognition systems installed on computers and servers. NEC is planning to commercialize this sensor within 2011 fiscal year.

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