World’s First Demonstration of High-performance III-V/Ge CMOS Transistors by Japanese Researchers

July 21, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Group of Japanese researchers in AIST along with University of Tokyo, UT, Sumitomo Chemical, SC, and NIMS have successfully demonstrated for the first time in the world, the III-V/Ge CMOS transistors with InGaAs n-channel and Ge p-channels integrated on the one wafer through direct wafer bonding (DWB), an important step in achieving the development of next generation high-performance III-V/Ge CMOS transistors.
Though this work, the researchers have developed III-V/Ge CMOS transistors with more than 200% higher electron and hole mobility than what the Si based CMOS transistors offer. Furthermore, the researchers have developed high electron mobility ETB InGaAs-OI MOSFETs and scalable III-V/Ge CMOS technique with common S/D and gate electrodes.

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