“World’s First” Bearing with Embedded IC Tag

July 29, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

This may be the last place you would look for an IC tag but, NTN Corporation in Japan has developed an “IC Tag Integrated Bearing”, which would allow electronic data on the bearing’s usage history and its quality to be saved to the bearing itself. As an essential component in machinery which needs to be inspected and repaired on a regular basis, keeping information such as inspection dates and operating time to ensure their quality has been faced with issues such as loss of data on repeated inspections as well as complex management procedures.
To overcome these issues there has been a long sought for using RFID IC tags on bearings, but this has faced various problems including the fact that IC tag cannot physically be read and written when it is mounted within metallic components not mentioning their actual size. Based on this NTN has developed an IC tag which can be integrated right into the bearing itself, so the information on IC tags mounted within the bearing can be read and written using a dedicated read/writer device. Throughout this, the dimension of the IC tag will remain the same. The information stored on IC tag can be configured for each user. NTN is planning to market this newly developed IC tag in such areas as construction machinery and mining equipment, aircraft, railway vehicle as well as wind power generation, where regular inspection is necessary to improve reliability of bearing information.

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