Launch of a Compact 1.3-Micrometer Band 40Gbps EML Module by Mitsubishi Electric

August 30, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the launch and sales of 1.3-Micrometer Band 40Gbps Electro-Absorption Modular Laser (EML) module. The new module is designed for optical signal transmission devices capable of sending large volume of data over the distance of 10 Km in distance. The newly launched FU-497SEA has a transmission penalty of less than 1dB after 10Km using single-mode fiber. It has high extinction ratio of 10dB and high mask margin of 10% at 43Gbps operation. It has dual SMPM connectors for differential connection between modules and digital signal circuits helping to simplify system designs for transmission equipment manufacturers.

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