ELECOM Preventive Device Against Flu and Heatstroke

December 20, 2011 · Filed Under PR, Trendy Products 

Elecom has released a new thermo-hygrometer which company calls it “goud”. Using the combination of icons, sounds and flashing lights the goud will alert its user when it detects certain level of temperature and humidity which can be fertile ground for flu during the winter season and heatstroke during the summer season. Goud uses a highly sensitive indoor sensor capable of measuring temperature and humidity, alerting you of any high risk atmospheric conditions which can propagate flu or cause heatstroke. Alarm has been used in three forms: icon, sounds and flashing light with two levels of: caution and warning, with configurable alarm display method.
There is one alarm icon for flu and one for heatstroke, where each on displaying a different icon depending on whether it is issuing a caution or a warning. The sound alarm has tow level a caution level which plays twice in succession and warning level which plays six times in succession. The alarm flashing light turns red during the heat stroke and blue for a flu alarm with two levels with different flashing frequencies and intervals. These easy to configure thermo-hygrometer come in standard black and white, as well as green and pink.
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