NEC Unveils an Ultra-thin Organic Battery for IC cards

March 12, 2012 · Filed Under Green Tech 

NEC has unveiled a prototype of an Ultra-thin organic radical battery (ORB) with thickness of only 0.3mm which can be used in standard IC cards of 0.76mm thick. ORB rechargeable batteries offers greater flexibility, higher power output and faster recharging speeds than existing rechargeable batteries, including lithium-ion batteries. The new ORB has been manufactured using printing technologies to integrate circuit boards with batteries, enabling negative electrodes to be directly formed on the circuit boards.
IC cards embedded with these types of batteries can be used for a wide range of functions, including displays, transmission as well as advanced encryption processing. The batteries are wrapped externally with a polymer film of 0.05mm in thickness which can also be used with circuit boards. Battery equipped circuit boards can also be equipped with small electronic components, such as antenna. The new batteries have 3mAh capacity and 5kW/L high-output power density per unit volume. The new ORBs are capable of 2,000 display screen updates, 360 consecutive flash firings and 35 location transmissions on a single charge. The new batteries maintain 75% of their charge-discharge after 500 cycles, which is equivalent to the performance of lithium-ion batteries for mobile phones.

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