Development of a New LED-Based Cultivation Method for Increase the Amount of Harvest

May 15, 2012 · Filed Under Green Tech 

Show Denko K.K. (SDK) and Yamaguchi University have jointly developed a LED-based cultivation method for plant growth facilities, which significantly shortens the shipment cycle while increasing the amount of harvest through the irradiation of light which has been optimized for plant growth. The choice of Led lighting is mainly due to its narrow wavelength range enabling selective irradiation of light with suitable wavelengths resulting in efficient cultivation of plants. SDK has developed a specialized LED chips capable of emitting red light with wavelength of 660 nm, with highest luminous efficiency in the world according to SDK.
In addition to this benefit, use of LED would result in reduction of power consumption by about one third in comparison to the fluorescent lamps, while providing high level of lighting without the heating factor. Using this method, variety of plants such as fruit vegetables and grains can be cultivated in addition to conventional leaf type vegetables. It has been seen that the new cultivation method can increase the amount of leaf vegetable harvest by three folds in comparison to conventional method. The new method is an ideal method for such facilities as universities, research institutes, as well as commercial plant growth facilities.

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