Development of World’s First Remote Controlled Robot Capable of Communicating Fine Haptic Senses

September 12, 2012 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Group of researchers from Graduate School of Design of Keio University have successfully developed a remote controlled robotic system that is capable of communicating fine haptic senses to the fingertips. This new concept of haptic technology has been named “telexistance” which allows the movements of a user in remote places to be transmitted to a robot as well as transmitting haptic information from the robot to the user. The telexistance system, “TELESAR V” capable of transmitting sense of touch and heat to the fingertips was developed last year based on premises of transmitting not only sight and sound through cameras and microphones but also in transmitting the sense of texture and temperature of the objects which is picked up by the robot hand, however the system failed to distinguish between the smoothness of different materials.
To overcome this issue, the researchers developed a unique “principle of tactile primary colors” which borrows on the idea of recreating all different colors by combining the three primary colors, by recreating tactile senses by combining 7 types of sensory factors including the senses of pressure, temperature, and pain, with movement. Based on this principle, they have successfully developed robotic system with fine haptic senses which can be transmitted from remote environments. The typical applications for the newly developed technology would be in area of remote communication, remote travel, remote shopping, working in extreme environments, and remote medical treatment, as well as applications in the fields of nursing, service industries and entertainment.

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