Development of Hybrid Type System for Decomposing PFC

September 26, 2012 · Filed Under Green Tech 

PFCs (Perfluoro Compounds) are used in the process of etching LCD panels and semiconductors and they need to be decomposed before exhaust due to their high levels of global warming potential. The current available system requires PFCs to be decomposed by means of catalyst where the resulting fluorine-containing substances are obsorbed into water, whereby the system needs after waste water treatment. In order to remedy this issue, SDK has developed a dry-type process for removing fluorine containing substances under the catalytic decomposition system through introduction of low cost calcium based absorbent.
In the newly developed HB-3000 system the adsorbent is automatically and directly fed into the system, where there is no capacity limit due to the restrictions on the capacity of equipment that holds the adsorbent. The system can be installed in a 20-foot container as the after treatment process has been eliminated. Furthermore, the calcium fluoride (CaF2) which is generated as a result of the capture of fluorine can be recycled as synthetic fluorite.

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