Development of Novel material contributing to Environmental Purification using Natural Energy

October 16, 2012 · Filed Under Clean Tech 

Showa Titanium Co., Ltd., subsidiary of Showa Denko (SDK) has announced the development of titanium oxide fine particles for use in UV-light-responsive photo catalyst with high level of activity. When exposed to UV light titanium oxides causes strong oxidation /reduction reaction helping to decompose stains from organic substances. It also exhibits ultra hydrophilicity causing water to spread as a thin film, making the titanium oxide based photo catalyst an ideal product for environmental purification using only natural energy in such applications as antifogging window glass and antifouling coating for external walls.
Normally the more finer the oxide particles becomes the more active they become but with that the particles would develop crystal defect, resulting in lower efficiency in the use of light and lower photocatalytic activity. To overcome this deficiency the company has developed decahedral titanium oxide fine particles with minimized defect, through application of its gas-phase technology to produce titanium oxide fine particles for ceramic capacitors.

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