Development of Highly Water resistance Printing Paper by Teijin  

March 21, 2013 · Filed Under Green Tech 

Teijin has recently announced the development of water resistance, wet-strong printing paper which is made entirely with Teijin’s ECOPET recycled polyester fiber derived from used PET bottles. Being derived from polyester material makes the newly developed printing paper highly water resistance in comparison to commercially available pulp derived paper, making it ideal for use in outdoor or wet environments.
Its potential application includes hazard maps, triage tags as well as outdoor or disaster supplies, outdoor posters, recording papers, and labels and price tags for fresh or frozen foods. The newly developed paper is as thin as conventional printing paper where it can be used in regular laser printers with no needed for manual feed. Furthermore, unlike the conventional water resistance film based printing paper, the new paper enables easy scoring, gluing and writing with pens or pencils. The new paper has been manufactured with a same method as machine made Japanese paper, where it offers levels of flexibility and texture which is not achieved with the film-based printing paper. The new paper has been developed in collaboration with Nisshinbo Postal Chemical Company.

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