Development of Second Generation Electric Vehicle Concept Car by Mitsubishi Electric

November 22, 2013 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Green Tech 

Mitsubishi Electric has announced the development of two new Electric Vehicle concept cars. The two vehicles EMIRAI 2 xEV and EMIRAI 2 xDAS will be exhibited during the Tokyo Motor show taking place from Nov. 23rd to Dec. 1st 2013.
Mitsubishi ELectric EMIRAI 2
The EMIRAI 2 xEV is a Powertrain four-wheel-drive EV concept car with a maximum output of 125kW. It is equipped with three motors, one for driving the front wheels and two to drive the left and right rear wheels independently. The EMIRAI 2 xEV is capable of identifying tire slippage via controlling motor torque every 1msec. In an event when slippage is detected, motor output is precisely lowered to match the degree of slippage. The driver will be informed as when traction control is activated via an icon on the Intelligent information Panel of the vehicle.
In addition to the high-precision traction control the new EMIRAI 2 xEV features Smooth-G Control for enhancing acceleration and deceleration. Furthermore, the new EMIRAI 2 xEV features Low-speed Level Control enabling the driver to maintain constant low speed on uneven roads, something that is not possible with current internal-combustion vehicles.

Mitsubishi ELectric EMIRAI 2 xEV
The new EMIRAI 2 xDAS is a Driver Assistance Concept Car combining an interior design, information systems and advance operation. It also incorporates Mitsubishi Electric’s advanced technologies for video display, image sensor processing and human-machine interface for safety and comfort in mind.

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