Augmented Reality a Next-Generation Consumer Engagement Technology

July 5, 2014 · Filed Under Editor's Corner 


Augmented Reality in essence provide a real-time use of information whether would be in form of text, graphics, audio or other type of virtual enhancements integrated directly into the physical world objects that surrounds us. The technology has seen its practicality and usefulness particularly in mobile world where it has a chance to enhance the user’s senses through digital instruments allowing real-time responses helping user with faster decision making.
Adaptation of Augmented Reality (AR) at the enterprise level may be at its infancy but the recent advancement of the technology has helped the companies to utilize it as tool to enhance their business processes or other type activities such as staff trainings and workflow. Greatest success of the technology has undoubtedly been in consumer space with several applications in video games and hardware devices such as Google Glass. Retailers have also taken the AR in the forefront of their advertising and marketing campaigns where their print, media and in-store marketing efforts have been merged into a comprehensive consumer experience using AR in an effort to build consumer relationship and boost sales while adding value to the consumer experience. Some of the good examples in this area are virtual fitting room to improve conversion rates while reducing returns of garments. Another good example is in optimizing warehouse space using AR for improving navigation around big space warehouse real-estate with lot of inventory items in hand. AR can also play a major role in brand recognition such as Empowers advertising campaigns by Volkswagen (VW), where incorporated AR technology into the advertisement directs the consumer to the additional web content, product video, coupons, and so on. The list of the application in this sector can go on and on and it is only limited by our own imagination. One of the companies who have been in a forefront in this industry sector is a German born company by name of Metaio with over a decade of experience and knowhow in developing this technology and bringing it to masses through chasm crossing experience. With many installed around world the company hopes to make AR experience as natural as of turning your electric switch ON when you arrive at home at night. Metaio has been helping developers of all kind from beginner to expert through the introduction of their Creator software (a drag & drop tool for AR creation), SDK and other company’s suite of products. Metaio has been also very active in promoting the technology through various channels such as training and special events around the globe. The company will hold its second edition of “InsideAR” event in Tokyo on July 8th, 2014 at FUJISOFT BUILDING, AKIHABARA, TOKYO, JAPAN. The event is expected to attract over 250 attendees and over 100 companies. The Inside AR Tokyo will hold 15 keynotes and presentations with over 20 live demos and exhibits plus panel discussion with 3 AR workshops. By the way Metaio R&D Lad has released industry’s first technology “6D Augmented Reality Holodeck”. The event will provide an excellent venue for individuals interested to get a first glimpse of AR and “6D Augmented Reality Holodeck”.

We are offering 5 free tickets to the first 5 respondents to this post through our contact form. The respondent must be local to Japan, preferably to Kanto region.

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