Teijin enters O2O marketing with its CELL FORM, a Two-Dimensional Data Communication Sheet

September 24, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

With its introduction back in 2011 CELL FORM has enabled a secure connection to read the RFID identification tag via electromagnetic waves on an it ultra-thin, flat smart sheet. Today Teijin announced that it will expand the application of its CELL FORM into online-offline (O2O) marketing tool capable of interfacing with such devices as mobile phones or tablets. O2O is a marketing method which leads the consumer from online to actual stores by providing information and coupons using consumers’ mobile devices. The smart sheet incorporates @CELL data communication technology which was developed by a University of Tokyo spin-off venture company, CELLCROSS CO., Ltd. And specialized materials and manufacturing know-how developed by Teijin.

CELL FORM is capable of transmitting restricted wireless communication at high speed to deliver large volume of content easier and faster than conventional infrared communication, wireless networks or QR codes. Installing CELL FROM in targeted spots will enable O2O-based couponing, video delivery as well as other marketing activities in large venues, such as major commercial facilities as well as tourist sites. Due to its targeted design to recognize and synchronize with a portable device’s language encoding when touched, it is ideal for delivering information to foreign tourists at transportation hubs as an example. Furthermore, the use of CELL FORM will help to reduce printed information while simplifying the content update process. Its first marketing application has started today until Oct. 28th at one of Japan’s major department stores, Daimaru at its Umeda branch in Osaka city where visitors ot a Japanese tea promotion corner will receive coupons by waving their mobile devices over a CELL FORM sheet and then later they can use the coupon for free gifts upon purchase of selected products.

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