Development of Energy Management System by Sumitomo Electric

December 23, 2014 · Filed Under Green Tech 

Sumitomo sEMSa
With increase in social awareness for energy saving many plant companies as well other large power users are expanding their use of distributed power systems which depends on renewable as well as other natural source of energies. In this large power system energy management system plays an important role for which higher energy utilization is required. Based on this, Sumitomo Electric has developed sEMSA, a new energy management system expected to reduce environmental loads while helping ot minimize energy costs. The new system meets a wide variety of customers’ needs such as utility companies. It offers a quick demand response (DR) helping to achieve smaller power cost prediction error as well as managing the power system on a real-time basis.
The sEMSA is capable of recalculating an optimal power management plant in a short cycle time while performing feedback control to regulate the power received from the electric power company according to the recalculated optimal plan. Furthermore, the sEMSA is capable of simulating the specification of distributed power supply facilities under best investment recovery conditions. Demonstration of sEMSA will involve three redox flow batteries (total 1 MW), six gas power generators (total 3.6 MW), concentrated photovoltaic units (total 100 kW), as well as company’s actual electric load at Yokohama.

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