World’s First Network Connected Authentication Sheet

June 10, 2015 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Teijin PaperBeacon
Teijin And TAGCAST Inc. have jointly developed world’s first surface based authentication beacon. The newly developed “PaperBeacon” is the latest application of CELL FROM, a two dimensional communication sheet that confines electromagnetic waves to a cell within as well as around a special thin, flat sheet. The new sheet incorporates the @CELL data communication technology which is developed by CELLCROSS CO., Ltd. A spin-off venture company from the University of Tokyo.

Teijin PaperBeacon2

A beacon is simply a wireless terminal which sends individual signals in identifying IDs or positioning information using Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). When a mobile device’s application receives the signal, it detects the beacon’s position information. The sheet receives three dimensional beacon signals and propagates them on two dimensional surfaces. PaperBeacon is capable of identifying a particular point such as individual table and chair in a large meeting room. By placing a device such as smartphone of tablet on a PaperBeacon equipped table would allow the user to share documents with specific individuals who is connected to the same network. Another example of this technology would be at a restaurant where the customer by simply placing their device on the table would be able to process the bill for that table. PaperBeacon school application would allow the teacher to take attendance, check homework or assess each student’s progress.

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