Development of Single Cable and Connector Capable of Transmission of 8K Video Signals

February 4, 2016 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Panasonic 8K video signal cable
Panasonic has announced the development of single cable and connector solution capable transmission of uncompressed full-spec 8K video signals. The newly developed connector equipped cable uses plastic optical fiber technology.
High speed transmission over optical fiber connector can be achieved when optical axes are completely aligned. This becomes an issue when the equipment and the cable’s connection portion are detachable, making it difficult to precisely align optical axes at the point of connection resulting in poor connectivity and other type of defects.

This issue has hampered the development of optical fiber cables in video transmission cables with detachable connectors. Working with KAI Photonics a venture from Keio University , Panasonic has managed to develop the new connector which adopts plastic optical fiber as well as its connection technology using ball-pen type interconnect. Panasonic applies its multi-level modulation of broadband signals, a transmission speed that exceed 100 Gbps on a single cable.

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