Installation of World’s First Carbon Capture Utilization System for Commercial use

August 21, 2016 · Filed Under Clean Tech 

Toshiba announced the completion of world’s first commercial use carbon capture and utilization (CCU) system in a municipal waste incineration plant in Saga prefecture in Japan. The system will start operation from August 26th and will have the capacity of capturing 10-tones of carbon dioxide a day from the flue gas of the incinerator.

The captured Co2 will be sold to businesses for use in crop cultivation and algae culture. The CCU is based on chemical absorption technology that Toshiba developed for thermal power plants. In this process an alkaline aqueous amine solution in introduced into the flue gas released during waste incineration which will absorb its Co2. When this solution is heated, the Co2 is separated and captured with a high degree of purity.

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