The Coolest Way to Overcome the Global Food Shortages

December 2, 2016 · Filed Under Trendy Products 

Japan dependency on foreign food imports is nothing new one such fruit is banana with close to 1 million tons of it is being shipped to Japan from various tropical destinations, roughly 99% of country’s banana consumption making Japan one of the world’s biggest banana consumer nations. To overcome this dependency an agricultural company out in Okayam prefecture in Japan (D&T Farm) has developed a breathing technique which is called “freeze-thaw awakening method.”

The idea was developed by Mr. Setsuzo Tanaka based on re-creation of the ice age. It took Mr. Tanaka over 4 decades’ hard works with many setbacks and personal investment of over $4.5 million. Mr. Tanak’s method will artificially re-creates the earth’s climate of 20,000 years ago. Using this technique banana sapling set to a deep freeze of minus 60 degrees Celsius. Once thawed, the saplings are planted. The plants would wake from long winter hibernation as temperature rose gradually. It normally takes banana growers an average of two years to grow large enough bananas, but using the new technique would shorten that time to around four month, a significant improvement. The bananas are grown inside a simple plastic greenhouse. The method does not use any pesticides or any genetic modification. Banana is not Mr. Tanaka’s only experiment; he grew and harvested papaya, cacao, mangosteen and cashew nuts using the freeze-thaw awakening method. Mr. Tanaka would like to expand his idea into other type of crops in developing new varieties of wheat, soy beans and corn in such cold climate as Siberia in Russia. He claims if grains can be harvested under the cold temperature, the entire global food shortage could be resolved all at once.


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