Construction of World’s Largest Solar Bridge Based on High-Efficiency Solar Modules by Sanyo

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This Victorian bridge built in 1886 is getting a high-tech facelift. The bridge which is the foundation for the new Blackfriars station is being upgraded by Network Rail to cater for more commuters and at the same time to improve its train services. The upgrade is a new roof which will incorporate over 6,000 square meters of Sanyo’s HIT solar modules, creating the biggest solar array in London. Read more

Suntory Introduces World’s First BLUE ROSE to North American Market

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Suntory has announced that it will introduce their internationally renowned blue rose APPLAUSE to North American market. The APPLAUSE is world’s first blue rose with 100% blue-pigmented petals, which has been developed by introducing a gene for blue pigment from a pansy back in 2004. Suntory nearly after two decades of research and development in 2009 begins the sales of the APPLAUSE in Japan. The name APPLAUSE by the way was selected as a symbol to congratulate those whose dreams have come true, while encouraging those pursuing a dream. Read more

The Ultimate Bathing Experience with AQUA RAIN

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A perfect companion to indulge yourself in a relaxing experience during bath time. Aqua Rain from Happinet Company, features LED lighting that creates multiple colors that shines through streaming fountains, helping you to relax by creating ultimate tranquility. It is very simple to use, you just place it on bath tube, and turn the switch ON by letting water to flow through its accompanying jets. Read more

From Creator of Nose Mask Pit, comes “Pit Stopper” for Suppressing Runny Nose and Removing Pollens

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If you are sensitive to pollen in early spring, and are bothered by a runny nose, then you need “Pit Stopper”. From the creator of “Nose Mask Pit” comes the “Pit Stopper”, a revolutionary pollen prevention mask with sponge-shape filters capable of stopping pollens that cause hay fever. In addition to pollen removal, the Pit Stopper acts as a nasal plug to suppress a runny nose due to pollen sensitivity. Read more

New Concept in Tatami Matting

December 19, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · 1 Comment 

Tatami an integral part of Japanese traditional culture has given its place to carpets and other type of flooring materials in recent years due to changes in the living environment. The tradition form of tatami is facing difficulty to conform to the structural requirements of either Japanese or Western style rooms where there is growing demand for thinner or more functional tatami matting. Due to this fact Kuraray and Dow Kakoh have jointly developed SHINZO Thin Tatami Mats, realizing feel and heat insulation of straw tatami. In this development, Dow has worked with KURARAYKURAFLEX. DOW Kakoh has used the high-density “STYROFOAM” with thin tatami, which is being used beneath the bullet train tracks and underneath airport runways. In addition to this an interlining that maintains the durability and workability needed in thin tatami matting was developed through compounding with high-strength plastic boards which is used in advanced composite materials. Read more

Smokeless Cigarette, Japan Tobacco’s Answer to Anti Smoking Law

May 28, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off 

In a country where anti smoking law has been lagging behind for over 15 years in comparison to some countries such as Canada, Japan Tobacco’s (JT) new Zero-Style Mint, a smokeless cigarette might come as a sigh of relief to rather large smoking community in Japan. The new cigarette is simply made of a plastic pipe and two cartridge containing tobacco leaf. The user gets to inhale the taste of tobacco and the mint flavor without emitting any smoke, eliminating the second hand smoking syndrome. Read more

BATHBOMB maker you Original Home made Bath Salts

February 21, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off 

Bathbomb makerWhen you think of a cold winter season the first thing comes to mind is that warm bubbly bath to let you wind down and sooth that aching muscles. And to get the job done, bath slat is usually the recommended ingredient. Up to now, you were stuck with what you can find from your local supermarket or drugstore shelves. With new BATHBOMB MAKER you can soup up your own bath salt and create your own recipes. BATH BOMB MAKER makes it to create your own original home made bath salts, through simple mixing of ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid with your preferable fragrant, colors or herbs. Yes, mix them and then press and voila. Read more

Development of Ultra-Low Friction Roller Clutch for Fishing Bait Reels by NSK

February 20, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off 

Here is a bit of news for you fishing enthusiasts. If you have done some fishing whether it was leisurely or professionally, you may very well know that fine control over the lure is an art with a bit of help from the reel ,requiring a reel that delivers a light touch combined with a direct feel plus a minimal play when reeling. To make your fishing experience more enjoyable and rewarding, NSK has developed an ultra-low friction roller clutch for fishing bait reels capable of reducing overrunning friction by 90% comparing to conventional roller clutches in order to enhance reel operation and reel feel. Read more

The World’s Thinnest Far Infrared Heater

January 11, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break, Trendy Products · Comments Off 

The world thinnest far infrared ray heater
We have seen it in all sorts of shapes and forms but nothing this thin. This newly developed far infrared based hear measures only 1mm thin, developed by a venture company in Japan. The company has successfully managed to make a thin heater based on mixture of paper and carbon fiber. Up to now, the heater’s use has been limited for floor heating, but AIM design Institute uses this technology in manufacturing stylish heating furniture and panel heater. The panel heater is very easy to install and it enables users to set temperature from 25 up to 60 degrees Celsius. Read more

Development of Industry’s lightest Tatami Mat

November 8, 2009 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off 

Tatami as being part of traditional Japanese culture is going through a though time partly due to shift to more western style of flooring such as rugs, carpets or even wood flooring ,and party due to ongoing difficulties with supply of rice straw, the main ingredient in making tatami. The supply issue has been created due to insufficient straw materials, reduced request because of aging of tatami artisans and need for price reduction with consistent quality. As a result of this, there has been a shift toward tatami mat construction materials that do not use any rice straw. One such company that makes alternative material for tatami construction is Dow Kakoh, where the company uses “STYROFOAM” extruded polystyrene foam boards to match the feel of a straw tatami mats resulting in a lighter tatami mat. Read more

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