InsideAR Tokyo, a Closer Look at the Latest Innovation in Augmented Reality

July 17, 2014 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on InsideAR Tokyo, a Closer Look at the Latest Innovation in Augmented Reality 

Second edition of InsideAR in Tokyo with cooperation of CYBERNET on July 8th was an informative gathering of industries and academia offering its participants with a glimpse of current and future applications on Augmented Reality technology. Packed with live demonstrations and creative workshops, the event delivered in what it promised, to show to its audience and world as a whole the stepping stone in Always ON, Always Augmented concept. Read more

Augmented Reality a Next-Generation Consumer Engagement Technology

July 5, 2014 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Augmented Reality a Next-Generation Consumer Engagement Technology 


Augmented Reality in essence provide a real-time use of information whether would be in form of text, graphics, audio or other type of virtual enhancements integrated directly into the physical world objects that surrounds us. The technology has seen its practicality and usefulness particularly in mobile world where it has a chance to enhance the user’s senses through digital instruments allowing real-time responses helping user with faster decision making. Read more

JAPAN Prepare itself for Full-Scale Launch of LTE Commercial Service

June 14, 2010 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on JAPAN Prepare itself for Full-Scale Launch of LTE Commercial Service 

NTT DOCOMO’s announcement on start of verification of its new commercial mobile network system on June 8 in Tokyo District is a prelude in start of full-scale launch of extra-high-speed LTE commercial service which company is planning to start sometimes on December of this year. The LTE service success rest solely on smooth handover from its existing W-CDMA to LTE service. DOCOMO will install the new LTE base-station components on existing W-CDMA 3G base stations which are equipped with dual W-CDMA/LTE remote radio equipment. Read more

Air Purification a Mega Business in Japan

August 17, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Air Purification a Mega Business in Japan 

With estimated 8 out of 10 individuals who suffer from one type of allergy or other during the year, which is mostly due to indoor type of allergens that in most cases can be easily controlled with introduction of air purification system in improving the indoor air quality. I don’t know about you but I get very confused with multitude of air purification products that are currently available in the market. Besides their fancy and glossy look they provide air purification through different method from the filter on our furnace if you happen to have one in Japan to HEPA air purifier as well as ionic air cleaners, and let’s not forget the ones with humidifying functions that supposedly is capable of washing the air, oh… yes the OZONE air cleaner type too to name a few. Well, in actuality air cleaning or should I say air purification business is an old business dated back to early 1800s in United States at the start of the industrial revolution. It was developed by John and Charles Dean in 1823 for a sole purpose of helping firefighters to overcome the dangers of smoke fumes. Then in 1845 came another version of mask protecting coal miners against the surrounding polluted air which was developed based on charcoal based filtration technology pretty much the same technology that is in use in today’s carbon based air cleaners. Since then air purification has taken a giant step to find itself in a mainstream market with its introduction for the residential use thanks to Hammes brothers in Switzerland whom went on developing and manufacturing residential air purifiers in 1971 which later on in 1990 the system was introduced in Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Read more

Roll out of Japanese WiMAX Notebook PCs

June 8, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Roll out of Japanese WiMAX Notebook PCs 

With shipment of mini notebook/ Netbook to increase in Pacific region in 2009 which has been growing since 2008 due mainly to falling price of mobile broadband services and increase coverage of third generation mobile technology, introduction of WiMAX services a viable wireless technology couldn’t have come at a better time. It all started with announcement of WiMAX wireless data services by UQ Communication today which states collaboration between UQ Communications Inc. and Intel in promoting and expanding “UQ WiMAX,” the commercially available WiMAX service from UQ Communications in Japan scheduled to be released on July 1st 2009. The new service with a flat fee structure will cost the user 4,480 yen per month. UQ Communication shareholders are KDDI CORPORATION, Intel Capital Corporation, East Japan Railway Company, KYOCERA Corporation, Daiwa Securities Group Inc., The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd. Read more

Nature technology the grandest of all

May 12, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · 2 Comments 

Is nature in rescue of technology or technology in rescue of nature? With a drastic shift in a way the technologist and scientist envision the future technological advancement, it is becoming more prevalent that more and more technology is mimicking the wonders of nature in finding the next generation innovations to untangle the environmental global issues and in improving the quality of life as well as other aspect of it that can substantially change our living standard as we got so much accustomed to it. Invention of Velcro by “de Mestral” in 1948 is a perfect example of such biomimetrics where we can see the technologists’ inspiration for nature. Read more

Electric Vehicle a redefinition of automobile design

April 13, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · 4 Comments 

In the midst of the automobile industry crisis automakers are very hopeful on what future holds for next generation electric vehicles. The successful development of such vehicle solely rest on establishing both a technological and operational bases that would greatly redefine the current automobile concept as we know it.
For the past 100 years the function and structures of automobiles were simply restricted to engine and transmission and electric vehicles are a mean to bring the traditional concept of automobile design out of this framework. Furthermore, Electric vehicles will be one the means in solving environmental and energy issues that will greatly changes the status of automobiles. Read more

The way to increase demands for next generation optical discs

March 12, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on The way to increase demands for next generation optical discs 

Like any other products in our digital age in order to insure their market acceptability and increase their consumer demands their price tags must be lowered as one of the major attributes. Next generation optical discs like Blu-ray are no exception in this assumption. Demand for Blu-ray and other next generation optical discs started to grow since 2007 in reaching 20 million units in sale by 2008. The growth will exceed 60 million units in 2009 and an estimated 250 million by 2011 according to research report by Panasonic. As of 2008 Japan accounted for 80% of global sale for next generation optical discs such as Blu-ray with overseas demand is expected to reach about the same level sometimes by 2011 according to the same research studies. Read more

Human Body Communication as the ultimate short distance communication

March 12, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Human Body Communication as the ultimate short distance communication 

Since Guglielmo Marconi conducted a transatlantic electromagnetic wave communication experiment in 1901, wireless communications were utilized as a means of long-distance information transmission. It was at the end of the 20th century that short-distance communication technologies for mobile phones and wireless LAN came to be widely used.
Human body communication is a new form of short-distance wireless communication between devices using the human body surface as a safe and high speed network transmission path. Use of human body in this form will result in reduced leakage of information and transmission loss in comparison to wireless spatial transmission making it as a lowest power consumed form of wireless communication. Read more

Eco-products and Eco-Services a formidable partner in reducing impact on our environment

March 4, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · 2 Comments 

It goes without saying that possessing eco-products without complementary practical eco-services will offer a handicap solution to our environmental problem. Base on this predicament Ministry of the Environment in 2004 established Eco-Product awards with Eco-Service category with a goal of proliferating eco-products and services that help in reducing environmental impacts and supporting the efforts of companies small and large to bring such products and services to the consumers in Japan. Read more

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