Development of 12.3 inch Variant Liquid Crystal Display for Instrument panels

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Japan Display 12.3 inch variant Liquid CrystalJapan Display has announced the mass production of is 12.3-inch variant crystal display (LCD) modules designed exclusively for instrument panels. Initially targeted to be used in automotive navigation systems and entertainment applications, automotive LCD display can now be used in instrument panels and rear view monitors with improvement in the wide viewing angle technology and high contrast technology. Read more

Development of High Power Ultra Low Ohmic Shunt Resistors for Automotive and Industrial Applications

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ROHM Ultra Low Ohmic Shunt ResistorsROHM has recently announced the development of high power ultra-low ohmic shunt resistors ideal for current detection in applications with increased power requirements, such as automotive systems and industrial equipment. The new PSR400 is rated at 4W and PSR500 guaranteed up to 5W. Resistors in current detection applications are typically used to detect overcurrent conditions or remaining battery level. The new resistors supports high power requirements and ensure high measurement accuracy even in the ultra-low-ohmic region (0.2milli ohm) technology for bonding copper electrodes without any needs for variations. Read more

Launch of Life Saving Wearable Cardioverter Defibrillator

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Asahi Kasei LifeVestAsahi Kasei ZOLL Medical (AZM) has announced the launch of LifeVest® cardioverter defibrillator in Japan. The service offering has started throughout Japan yesterday, April 15th. The service is designed to overcome sudden cardiac death (SCD) cause of death for approximately 60,000 people per year in Japan. LifeVest provides protection for individuals who are risk of SCD by constantly monitoring the patient’s heart. In an event where a life threatening heart rhythm (ventricular fibrillation or ventricular tachycardia) is detected the LifeVest delivers a treatment shock in order to restore the normal heart rhythm. The LifeVest is designed to protect a wide range of patients, including patients with newly diagnosed heart failure, following recent myocardial infraction, or following coronary revascularization. Read more

Launch of New Super Slim Bronchoscopes for Diagnosis of Peripheral Pulmonary Lesions by Olympus

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Olympus BF Series of Bronchoscope1
A bronchoscope inserted into the mouth or nose and is used for observation diagnosis as well as treatment of the lungs and bronchi. The airway lumen as it approaches the peripheral area of the lung becomes narrower, requiring a slimmer bronchoscope for these procedures in this location. The newly launch BF series (BF-P190,BF-P290, BF-XP190 and BF-XP190) of bronchoscope by Olympus are equipped with micromini CCD for improved image quality and improved observation capability, plus it comes with insertion tube rotation function supporting easier operation and smoother insertion. Read more

Introducing Super Compact Temperature Controller by OMRON

April 11, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comment 

OMRON Temperature Controller E5GCOMRON has released its latest temperature controller the E5GC. It bears a compact body measuring only 24mm x 48mm. The new E5GC inherits the high level of readability, operability as well as basic performance of the previous series, all in its compact body. The product is ideal for the needs of client who require downsizing laboratory instruments or desktop small furnace. Read more

Development of a Technology for Accelerating Data Transfer Speeds

April 11, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comment 

Fujitsu Data Transfer Duplication TechnologyGrowing popularity of cloud services and mobile devices has led to ever increasing application over the networks that use array of communication environments. Companies on daily bases use date centers to transfer and share file, backups and distribute data to multitude of mobile devices. With this ever increasing volume of data transfer, there is a growing need to cost effectively accelerate data speeds without painful network upgrades or worse deployment of specialized equipment. Based on this Fujitsu Laboratories has developed a technology which take advantage of data deduplication and compression in order to reduce the volume of data transfers, leading to dramatic data transfer speeds through use of software only. Read more

How to Convert 4K Ultra-HD Video Stream from HDMI to CSI-2 without Compression

April 3, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comment 

Toshiba TC358840XBG Bridge ICToshiba has recently launched a new bridge IC that converts 4K ultra HD video stream from HDMI to MIPI CSI-2 without compression and deterioration. The new IC splits 4K ultra HD (3849 x 2160) video stream into left and right images and outputs from dual MIPI CSI-2 interfaces. It supports conversion of high resolution 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps, resulting to high quality video processing. Read more

Development of Multi Global Navigation Satellite Module for Automotive Application

April 1, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comment 

ALPS UMSZ2ALPS Electric has developed a single module Multi Global Navigation Satellite (GNSS) for automotive application. The newly developed UMSZ2 Series provide support for multiple satellite positioning systems. The new module is a surface mount module with the form factor of 25 x 20 x 2.6 mm. The module is equipped with an internal antenna status detection circuit as required for GNSS signal reception. The module can operate with a single 3.3V power supply. Read more

Development of Special Breathalyzer for Medical Application

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Toshiba breath analyserBreathalyzer is known to many as an instrument to catch the drunk drivers; however its use has been extended in medical applications with newly developed breath analyzer by Toshiba. The newly developed prototype by Toshiba is capable of detecting a wide range of trace gases in exhaled breath making it ideal for health monitoring and disease diagnosis. Exhalation of breath carries trace amount of gases that can be used in diagnostics. For example presence of acetone in someone breath may indicate diabetes, while methane provides clues to condition of the intestinal area. The prototype has been developed based on Toshiba’s gas analysis technologies for its semiconductor and other manufacturing activities. Read more

World’s First Formation of Proprietary V-Shape Lubrication Groove for Reducing Rotational Torque while contributing to Higher Efficiency

March 27, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comment 

NTN Low Torque Seal RingNTN has announced the development of seal rings for automotive transmission that offers a low wear and fewer oil leaks by optimizing the plastic composite material composition, as well as incorporating a specially shaped lubrication groove on the surface of the seal rings. The newly developed “Low-torque Seal Ring” use a PEEK (polyether ketone) plastic featuring special filler and it incorporates a V-Shape lubrication groove formed on the surface of the seal rings during injection molding. Read more

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