World Largest Testing Machine For Wind Turbine

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NTN has developed “WIND LAB” industry’s largest testing machine for wind turbine extra-large bearings for helping to improve technical development of main shaft bearings of offshore wind turbines. WIND LAB applies load to bearings in vertical and horizontal directions using six hydraulic cylinders to produce the conditions as if the wind turbines are used in, for conducting detailed technical analysis and specification testing of bearings. Testing can be performed under ordinary conditions, as well as load condition under extreme situations. The machine is compatible with different type of bearings such as spherical roller bearings or tapered roller bearings. The “WIND LAB” incorporates the condition monitoring system for wind turbines (CMS) known as “Wind Doctor” for monitoring bearing conditions during the testing.

High-Efficiency 2MW Gas Engine, World’s Highest Power Generation Efficiency

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MHI 2MW Gas Engine
Mitsubishi Heavy Industry has developed a 2 megawatt (MW) 16 cylinder high speed gas engine recording world’s highest power generation efficiency ratings in a high speed gas engine. The new engine has been developed based on two-stage turbocharging (where turbochargers are arranged in series in the low- and high-pressure stages where an intercooler is placed between them) and Miller cycle (where the profile of the valve cam is engineered in a way that the timing of the valve closing shifts so that the expansion ratio becomes greater than the compression ratio, a configuration which is aimed to improve thermal efficiency) technology. The new engine power generation efficiency exceeds 44%.

New Wristband Fitness Tracker by Toshiba

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Here is a nifty little gadget by Toshiba designed for people weary of their day to day physical health and well-being. Toshiba’s WERAM1100 is a wearable wristband fitness tracker capable of estimating physical activities such as amount of step taken; distance travelled as well as amount of calories burned. The new device is also capable of measuring sleep states and patterns and hour of sleep per day. It comes with a software application helping it to sync-up the information to a smartphone via Bluetooth allowing its user to view gathered data as graphs. Furthermore, users can upload photos and calories counts of meals, to monitor diet along with physical activity and sleep. WERAM1100 has been designed based on Toshiba’s signal processing technology helping it with minimum power consumption. The new WERAM1100 comes in four vibrant colors black, light gray, smoky pink and blue green. IT comes with easy operation allowing users to program and log individual, everyday life activities. It comes with built-in vibrator which can be set to go off when pace counts, distance and other targets have been reached. It also comes with an alarm. Toshiba will launch cloud services for wearable products which would provide big data analytic via company’s state-of-art engine. The product comes with IPX5/IPX7 water/dust protection.

InsideAR Tokyo, a Closer Look at the Latest Innovation in Augmented Reality

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Second edition of InsideAR in Tokyo with cooperation of CYBERNET on July 8th was an informative gathering of industries and academia offering its participants with a glimpse of current and future applications on Augmented Reality technology. Packed with live demonstrations and creative workshops, the event delivered in what it promised, to show to its audience and world as a whole the stepping stone in Always ON, Always Augmented concept. Read more

Development of a New Technology help to Reduce Acoustic “Squealing” Noise in Capacitors

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Murata MLCC_ZRB Series
Murata has developed a ZRB Series of monolithic ceramic capacitors (MLCC) designed to reduce “squealing” noise which is typically induced by mechanical vibration of the capacitor. This type of noise is a concern for electronics industry which affects many types of consumer electronic devices such as laptop PCs, tablets as well as smartphones. Read more

Augmented Reality a Next-Generation Consumer Engagement Technology

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Augmented Reality in essence provide a real-time use of information whether would be in form of text, graphics, audio or other type of virtual enhancements integrated directly into the physical world objects that surrounds us. The technology has seen its practicality and usefulness particularly in mobile world where it has a chance to enhance the user’s senses through digital instruments allowing real-time responses helping user with faster decision making. Read more

Cloud Service Helping to Link Cars to Home Appliances

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Toyota Panasonic cloud service
Based on Toyota’s cloud-based Smart Center helping to link people, cars, and home and Panasonic smart home appliances, the two companies have jointly developed a new cloud service that helps to link cars with home appliances a next generation telematics systems. Based on this the two companies have developed an interface that would link their respective cloud services. The new service would also include development of applications for in-car operation as well as status checking of home appliances. Read more

Industry’s Smallest Surface Mount Piezoelectric Sounder for Portable Health Care Devices

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Murata SMD Piezoelectric sounder
Murata has recently released world’s smallest and lightest low powered SMD piezoelectric sounder suits for portable health care devices which includes such product as blood glucose meters, personal thermometers. The size and weight of the device has been reduced by 44% in comparison to previous Murata products. The new PKMCS0909E4000-R1 measures only 9x9x1.7mm and weighs only 160mg. Sound pressure level output, measured 10 cm from sounder, which is better than 65dB when driven with a ±1.5V 4 kHz square wave. Read more

Introducing New KRW Series Thermal Printheads for Barcode Printing

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Kyocera Thermal printerhead KW Series
Kyocera has announced the development of a new thermal printhead for desktop barcode printers. The new KRW Series features a simplified structure and refined sealant with improved assembly while helping to extend the life expectancy of printing equipment. The new series also offers superior corrosion resistance through use of an improved resin-sealant film which coats the surface of printhead. Read more

Development of New Red Laser Diode for Projectors offering Industry’s Leading Output

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Mitsubishi Electric Red Laser Diode

Mitsubishi Electric has developed a 638-nanometer (nm) wavelength red laser diode (LD) with output power of 1.8 W at continuous-wave operation, clicking the world’s highest level among the 638-nm LDs used as a light source for projectors. The luminosity of the new diode exceeds 220 lumens due to lasing at short wavelength. Read more

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