Development of Press Molding Technology with Industry’s Highest Load Resistance

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Engine Accessory belts have increased in tension all due to the reduction of number of cylinders thanks to decrease in automotive engines as well as larger alternator capacities. As a result of these changes idler pulleys for such belts need to have a higher load resistance. Majority of such idler pulleys are made of steel sheet where greater strength is required requiring cut iron pulleys with high load resistance or “High-load Resin Pulley”. Cut iron pulleys require mechanical processing, resin type pulleys offers wear between the belt and pulley caused by penetration of foreign matter into the engine bay, particularly on rough, unpaved roads. To remedy this problem, NTN has come up with “Low Section High Strength Press Pulley” for engine accessory belt featuring world’s load resistance. Read more

How to Improve Voltage Monitoring and CPU Reset Function in Automotive Application

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Seiki Instrument S-1910x_E
Seiko Instrument has introduced a new voltage detector with SENSE pin designed for automotive application. The new S-1910x series voltage detector ensures reliable voltage monitoring and CPU reset functions for safer operation. The new series of detector monitor supply voltage and send reset signals if the supply voltage drops below the set point allowing equipment and devices to cover safely. Read more

Development of Free-Form Display Helping to Draw Viewers into Onscreen World

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Sharp Free-form Dispaly
Up to now displays were confined to their rectangular shapes due to the needs for minimal width for the bezel for accommodating the drive circuit, called the gate driver around the perimeter of the screen’s display area. Read more

Development of New Interface Bridge IC allowing Transfer of Copy Protected HD content to Portable Storage Devices

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Toshiba TC358782XBGToshiba has developed a new interface bridge IC which supports SeeQVault™, a next generation security specification which allows copy protected HD content to be transferred to portable storage devices. Currently protected HD content cannot be transferred to external memories, requiring users to play the content on the equipment that records it or down converts it to SD quality. However, SeeQVault™ provides capability where HD content can be viewed on multiple platforms. This is achieved by assigning secure ID to each SeeQVault compliant flash memory such as SD cards. Read more

Development of Industry’s First Flexible Zirconia offering High Strength, Superior Toughness and Hydrothermal Resistance

June 11, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off 

Kurarary ZirconiaKuraray Noritake Dental has announced the development of a highly durable zirconia that features both high strength and superior toughness. Although the currently used zirconia offers great strength, it possesses the fragility which is inherent to ceramic. The material is also known to gradually weaken over time as the crystal structure changes from a tetragonal phase to a monoclinic one when exposed to hydrothermal condition. Read more

Innovative New Production Method help to Shorten Development Lead Time in Car Manufacturing

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NTN driveshaft
Car manufacturer constantly seeking ways to shorten the development lead time for their new models in order to keep up with the market requirements. This translates to short development lead time for various parts that actually make up a car. One good example is the drive shaft in a car which is supplied to a wide range of models from light vehicles to SUVs. Read more

World’s First Electric Fuel Injection System that does not use Throttle Position Sensor or Engine Temperature Sensor

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DENSO Electric fuel injection system
DENSO has developed a new low cost electric fuel injection system for small motorcycles known as DIFT-FI (DENSO Intelligent Economical Technology-Fuel Injection). The DIFT-FI is world’s first fuel injection system that does not require a throttle position sensor or engine temperature sensor, instead it uses a newly developed control technologies, providing the same fuel economy and environmental performance as conventional fuel injection systems resulting in a lower cost due to fewer components. Read more

Introducing Lightjoule, an Ultra-lightweight Solar Panel by AGC

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AGC SOlar Panel
AGC has unveiled an ultra-lightweight solar panel through use of Leoflec, a thin and strong chemically strengthened specialty glass. The company has successfully reduced the panel weight by roughly 50% in comparison to conventional solar panel. Lightweight panels would solve the loading weight restriction where the user had to reduce the number of solar panels installed or carry out roof reinforcement work prior to installation. Read more

World’s Thinnest Manufactured Glass Using Float Process

May 30, 2014 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off 

Asahi Glass Company (AGC) has successfully rolled an ultra-thin sheet glass named SPOOL™ into a roll of 1150 mm wide and 100 m long. At just 0.05 mm thick, is the world’s thinnest glass manufactured using the float process. Read more

Industry’s Smallest Double-Action Type TACT Switch

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Alps has announced the development of SKTC series industry’s smallest double action type TACT switch with a form factor of only 3.4 x 2.2 x 0.62 . The new switch was developed to generate an operating feel through optimization of the shape and material of the contact using proprietary technology. To ensure reliable operation, a projection structure was adopted for the metal contact resulting in an increase in the size of the area for operating the switch, widening the mounting accuracy tolerance range, while removing any needs for projections into the switch button, thus facilitating integration into end products. Read more

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