Launch of a New Anti-Reflective Glass with Improved Weather and Chemical Resistant Coating for Outdoor use

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AGC Anti-reflective glass
Asahi Glass Co. (AGC) has begun sales of Clearsight™ an anti-reflective glass with improved weather and chemical resistance coating ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Read more

Development of High-Efficient Transistor Arrays based on latest BiCD Process Technology

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Toshiba has developed a new line-up of the high efficiency transistor arrays featuring DMOS FET type output driver developed with the latest BiCD process technology. Read more

Development of WAN Acceleration Technology by Fujitsu

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Fujitsu Laboratory has announced the development of WAN acceleration technology capable adapting to different characteristics such as packet loss and delay occurring on communication networks which includes mobile as well as global networks. Currently available WAN accelerator technologies require identical accelerator hardware at both end points failing to address different characteristics that may occur throughout WAN resulting in a failure to reach maximum performance levels. Read more

Development of AFLIC a Specialty Thin Sheet with Superior Strength for Architectural use

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Asahi Glass Co (AGC) has recently developed AFLIC™, a specialty thin sheet glass for architectural use. The new product features an outstanding strength where at its 1.3 mm thick is equivalent to that of 3 mm thick float glass. The new AFLIC will be used in the new triple-layered glass unit developed for high performance hybrid window SAMOS X, which are scheduled to be released by LIXIL Corporation in January and March 2015. Read more

Teijin enters O2O marketing with its CELL FORM, a Two-Dimensional Data Communication Sheet

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With its introduction back in 2011 CELL FORM has enabled a secure connection to read the RFID identification tag via electromagnetic waves on an it ultra-thin, flat smart sheet. Today Teijin announced that it will expand the application of its CELL FORM into online-offline (O2O) marketing tool capable of interfacing with such devices as mobile phones or tablets. O2O is a marketing method which leads the consumer from online to actual stores by providing information and coupons using consumers’ mobile devices. The smart sheet incorporates @CELL data communication technology which was developed by a University of Tokyo spin-off venture company, CELLCROSS CO., Ltd. And specialized materials and manufacturing know-how developed by Teijin. Read more

Japanese Scientist succeeded to Lower Potato’s Cholesterol

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Following corn, wheat, and rice, potato represents one of human’s most important crops. But despite its popularity it has its downsides which are the presence of toxic substance known as steroidal glycoalkaloids, mainly solanine and chachonine, which in some cases make the plants inedible. The researchers have discovered the cholesterol however in small amount is used to synthesis the glycoalkaloid toxins. Up to know there were many attempts to reduce such toxin substances but it has resulted in an increase in other substances that are equally dangerous. Read more

SONY releases its Augmented Reality “SmertEyegalss”

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Sony SmartEyeglass
Sony has announced the development of “SmartEyeglass” transparent lens eyewear which can connect to compatible smartphone for imposing text, symbols and images as such on to user’s field of view. The “SmartEyeglass” comes with various sensing technologies including CMOS image sensor, accelerometer, Gyroscope, electronic compass, brightness sensor as well as microphone. Read more

Launch of High Speed Data Connectors for Car On-Board System

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SMK High Speed Connectors

SMK has recently developed a high speed data connector ideal for car navigation systems, car audio, and odometer as such as well as on-board cameras. The product is expected to fill the need of both European and North American vehicle market, where the vehicles will be equipped with high speed data connectors. Read more

World’s Highest Speed Quantum Encryption System

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Quantum encryption is a new technology in data encryption offering a level security to information in transmission network impossible to achieve previously. The technology is based on exploiting the quantum nature of single photons of light to detect eavesdropping and guaranteeing security, a cryptographic technology known as quantum key distribution. Based on this technology Toshiba has developed a world’s highest speed quantum encryption system. Read more

World’s Smallest Wireless Charging Module for Wearable Devices

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Sumitomo Wireless charging module
Typically the wireless charging module is made of a transmitting module and a receiving module, each of which has a control unit and an antenna. Up to now the miniaturization of electronic appliances has been confined to conventional antennas that are made of magnet wire coils with poor flexibility. To overcome this challenge Sumitomo Electric has developed a ultra-small wireless charging module where the magnet wire coils have been replaced by flexible printed circuits (FPCs) based on company’s knowhow in 3D wiring technology, first in the industry resulting in reduction in size of antennas will improving their flexibility. The new product is expected to be used in wearable devices, health-care devices as well as industrial equipment. The commercial production is scheduled on October 2014.

World’s Smallest Wireless Charging Module ,Wearable Devices, Sumitomo Electric, 3D wiring technology

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