BATHBOMB maker you Original Home made Bath Salts

February 21, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off on BATHBOMB maker you Original Home made Bath Salts 

Bathbomb makerWhen you think of a cold winter season the first thing comes to mind is that warm bubbly bath to let you wind down and sooth that aching muscles. And to get the job done, bath slat is usually the recommended ingredient. Up to now, you were stuck with what you can find from your local supermarket or drugstore shelves. With new BATHBOMB MAKER you can soup up your own bath salt and create your own recipes. BATH BOMB MAKER makes it to create your own original home made bath salts, through simple mixing of ingredients such as baking soda and citric acid with your preferable fragrant, colors or herbs. Yes, mix them and then press and voila. Read more

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