New Concept in Tatami Matting

December 19, 2010 · Filed Under Coffee Break · 1 Comment 

Tatami an integral part of Japanese traditional culture has given its place to carpets and other type of flooring materials in recent years due to changes in the living environment. The tradition form of tatami is facing difficulty to conform to the structural requirements of either Japanese or Western style rooms where there is growing demand for thinner or more functional tatami matting. Due to this fact Kuraray and Dow Kakoh have jointly developed SHINZO Thin Tatami Mats, realizing feel and heat insulation of straw tatami. In this development, Dow has worked with KURARAYKURAFLEX. DOW Kakoh has used the high-density “STYROFOAM” with thin tatami, which is being used beneath the bullet train tracks and underneath airport runways. In addition to this an interlining that maintains the durability and workability needed in thin tatami matting was developed through compounding with high-strength plastic boards which is used in advanced composite materials. Read more

Development of Industry’s lightest Tatami Mat

November 8, 2009 · Filed Under Coffee Break · Comments Off on Development of Industry’s lightest Tatami Mat 

Tatami as being part of traditional Japanese culture is going through a though time partly due to shift to more western style of flooring such as rugs, carpets or even wood flooring ,and party due to ongoing difficulties with supply of rice straw, the main ingredient in making tatami. The supply issue has been created due to insufficient straw materials, reduced request because of aging of tatami artisans and need for price reduction with consistent quality. As a result of this, there has been a shift toward tatami mat construction materials that do not use any rice straw. One such company that makes alternative material for tatami construction is Dow Kakoh, where the company uses “STYROFOAM” extruded polystyrene foam boards to match the feel of a straw tatami mats resulting in a lighter tatami mat. Read more

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