Release of Two New LED Light Bulbs based on Optical design and High Heat Dissipation Technologies by Panasonic

January 27, 2011 · Filed Under Green Tech · 1 Comment 

Panasonic has released two models of EVERLEDS LED light bulbs possessing wide light distribution angle of around 300 degrees. The two models have been manufactured based on two key technologies namely “optical design technology”, capable of spreading light using a combination of LED packages that are arranged in a circular pattern inside of a large globe and a double reflector structure as well as, “high heat dissipation technology”, with a circuit arranged above the LED packages for separating the circuit part from the body where the heat converges, resulting in industry’s widest light distribution angle, almost equivalent to the angle of incandescent lamps. Read more

Introduction of Two New Compact and Two New Globe LED Lamps by SHARP

January 31, 2010 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Sharp new E-17 and E-26 LED LampsSharp made an announcement on introduction of two new E17 compact LED Lamps (DL-J40AN/L) and two new E26 Globe LED Lamps (DL-L81AN/L), where all models are compatible with dimmers for adjusting brightness. The addition of the new models will bring the Sharps total LED Lamp line-up to total of 13 models. The E-17 compact models are made based on company’s proprietary LED devices and are based on high density surface mounting technology for achieving a compact size with a brightness which equals the Sharp’s existing E-26 LED lamps (Sharp models DL-L40AN/L). Read more

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