Suzuki Exhibits its New Fuel-Cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair

October 30, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Suzuki Exhibits its New Fuel-Cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair 

Suzuki put on display series of energy efficient vehicles during the 41st Tokyo Motor Show. Couple of interesting products that grabbed my attention was the Fuel-cell Powered Scooter and Electric Wheelchair. The newly developed scooter, the Burgman Fuel-cell Scooter is based on Crosscage concept motorcycle where the fuel cell generates electricity through reaction between oxygen and hydrogen. The Burgman scooter comes with a structurally simple, compact and light design and it is air cooled. The new scooter is equipped with a 70MPa hydrogen tank, the highest pressure tank which has been used thus far on a bike allowing a usable riding range. The tank is placed within a robust frame for safety reason. The fuel cell itself was developed by British company Intelligent Energy which is a polymer-electrolyte type fuel-cell. The scooter uses a lithium-ion as its secondary battery. Read more

Electric Vehicle a redefinition of automobile design

April 13, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · 4 Comments 

In the midst of the automobile industry crisis automakers are very hopeful on what future holds for next generation electric vehicles. The successful development of such vehicle solely rest on establishing both a technological and operational bases that would greatly redefine the current automobile concept as we know it.
For the past 100 years the function and structures of automobiles were simply restricted to engine and transmission and electric vehicles are a mean to bring the traditional concept of automobile design out of this framework. Furthermore, Electric vehicles will be one the means in solving environmental and energy issues that will greatly changes the status of automobiles. Read more

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