World’s Fastest Elevator with a Speed of 72 km/h

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Hitachi Ultra-speed elevatorHitachi is to deliver world’s fastest ultra-high-speed elevators at a speed of 1,200 m/min (72km/h) to CTF Finance Center (530 meters tall) in Guangzhou China in 2016. The new elevator system while featuring a superb drive power to attain the world’s fastest speed, it also provides reliable and safe operation. The new elevator features a permanent magnet synchronous motor achieving both a thin profile as well as high output needed to achieve the speed of 1,200 m/min. In addition to this the company developed a compact traction machine by reducing the load on the traction machine by reducing the weight of the system which made possible by reducing the main rope diameter while increasing the rope’s strength. Read more

Development of Video Processing Technology Capable of enhancing the Visibility of High Resolution at a Rate of 60 Frames per Second  

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Hitachi Projector Visibility Enhancment TechnologyHitachi has announced the development of video processing technology capable of visibility enhancement for projector display in bight rooms. The new technology is capable of 60 frames per second real-time processing for high resolution video compensation. The enhancement of visibility video display was done by analyzing the visual characteristics of displaying video signals and extracting key components that contributes to visibility and enhancing those elements, helping to enhance the visibility of projector displayed video without increasing the brightness of the projector light source. Hitachi needed to optimize the processing algorithm for its hardware structure in order to be able to embed it into various products, achieving real-time processing of high resolution video in compact size hardware. The technology was first targeted toward for the projectors, but given its capability in enhancing visibility it can be applied to surveillance monitors as well as vehicular displays. The new technology is expected to be applied to wide range of application according to Hitachi. Read more

Development of Remote Work Support System using Augmented Reality and 3D Data Processing

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Hitachi has announced the development of a work support system using the combination of augmented reality (AR) and 3D data processing. The new system would help the supervisors to support on-site operators who are working in remote locations, such as overseas plants. Read more

Development of Highly Sensitive Technology Capable of Reducing the Carry-on Luggage Explosive Detection to a minimum of 5 Seconds

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Hitachi Explosive inspection technologyWe all are fairly familiar with airport line-ups and delays in flights caused by massive security checks that occur at the airports around the globe. We tend to ignore the burden of it for added peace of mind that it brings to everyone. Here comes the technology that can reduce that wait time considerably to a minimum of such 5 seconds. Well, Hitachi has developed an explosive detection technology capable of automatically inspecting for explosive substances adhering to luggage in minimum of five seconds. The new technology combines the explosive detection equipment with X-ray inspection equipment which can be carried out in a moving conveyor belt. Read more

Development of Low-Melting Glass to be used as Low Temperature Sealant

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Hitachi and Hitachi Chemical have jointly developed a 220-300 degrees Celsius, low-melting temperature glass (“low-melting glass”). The glass has been developed as a low temperature sealant which does not contain regulated materials such as lead or halogens such as fluorine or iodine. The new product is relatively inexpensive in comparison to gold-tin solder, a conventional low-temperature sealant, while providing better sealant properties than adhesive resins against air and moisture. Read more

Development of WAN Accelerator Equipment by Hitachi Offering 15 time Faster Data Transfer Speed over Conventional TCP/IP

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There is growing demand for transferring large volumes of graphical data such as CAD (Computer-Aided Design) data between global Wide Area Networks (WANs). However, the currently used TCP/IP protocol does not offer an adequate performance over long-distance global links due to severely impacted throughput by round trip delay and packet loss. Commonly used content-cache technologies won’t be able to remedy this issue due to their waste of bandwidth when delivering large volumes of frequently updated data. Read more

Development of Compact Magnet with magnetic Flux Density of 3.1 Tesla

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Hitachi has announced the development of prototype of a super compact magnet which fits into an individual palm but offers a powerful magnetic flux density of 3.1 tesla. The new magnet is made of a small refrigeration part which is attached to cylindrical vacuum chamber containing a high temperature superconductor made of gadolinium-barium-copper-oxide substance which has zero resistance when it is cooled to -183 degrees Celsius. The magnet comes in a form factor of 23.15 x 11.5 x 6 cm, weighing only 1.8 kg. Read more

Release of Single-Disk 1TB Hard Drive for High-Performance Computers by Hitachi

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Hitachi Global Storage Technologies has announced the development of Deskstar™ 7K1000.D Company’s first 0ne-disk with the capacity of 1TB and 7200 RPM. The newly released 3.5-inch hard drive is targeted for use in consumer as well as commercial desktop computers. The new Deskstar™ 7K1000.D features an increased sector size of 4096 (4K) bytes, resulting in increased capacity and improvement in error correction capabilities. Read more

Development of New technology for Extending the Life of Industrial Lithium-ion Batteries by HITACHI

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Hitachi newly developed manganese based cathode material
Like any other new novel technology with a proven concept and then its commercialization, the cost of the development at first is never an issue until it goes through the mass market. Material science by no means is an exception to this theory, where the scientist usually work with a material which speeds up the making of the final product regardless of its cost and its scarcity, and later on move to an alternative substance which provide a cost effective product with same set of features if not better. Lithium-ion battery technology some how follows the same processing path. Today, lithium-ion batteries are in use in a wide array of consumer electronic applications such as mobile phones, Laptop PCs to name a few, as well as hybrid automobiles and other vehicle applications, where in a not so distance future are expected to be used as compact storage devices in connection with wind power generation and other power facilities designed exclusively to contribute in reducing environmental impact. Currently, the main cathode material used in these batteries are cobalt, at least for the consumer applications, which forms the largest market segment for these type of batteries. However, their growing popularity raised a concern in securing a steady supply of cobalt, being a scarce resource. Based on this, Hitachi has turned its attention to an alternative material in replacing cobalt in this type of application. Read more

Construction of World’s Tallest Elevator Research Tower by HITACHI

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Hitachi Elevator research towerHitachi made an announcement that it will complete the construction of “G1TOWER”, a research elevator tower that is currently under construction at an elevator R&D and manufacturing base in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture. The new tower measuring 213 meters will be the tallest elevator research facility in the world. The tower is designed to be used for verification tests on the world’s fastest elevator, with a speed of 1,080m/min, as well as product development targeting the world’s largest, high speed, high capacity elevator capable of carrying a five tone load with a speed of 600 m/min. Furthermore, the new tower will be used for development of vibration suppression control devices as well as internal air pressure adjustment devices to improve riding comfort during high-speed operations. Read more

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