Development of Novel Technology in Reducing Speckle Noise in Projectors and Displays using Laser Light Source by DNP

December 9, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of Novel Technology in Reducing Speckle Noise in Projectors and Displays using Laser Light Source by DNP 

In spite of LED’s advantages over high pressure mercury lamp as a light source for displays, projectors as well as illumination, offering a longer life cycle and reduced power consumption, not to mention the possibility of downsizing the optical components, the laser light source are prone to generate speckle noise which appears as a fine mottled splashing causing scintillation. To overcome this issue, DNP has developed a new technology which is based on multi-recording and light-forming functions of holograms with an aim to reduce speckle noise that is the cause of scintillation. DNP has used volume hologram functions capable of reproducing the same image in the same position no matter which point on the hologram the light beam is projected upon. Read more

Development of Mass Production Technology for manufacturing Highly-secure Holograms for Storing Unique Identification Codes by SONY

May 13, 2010 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

Sales of counterfeit products as well as imitations is a fact of life, it ranges form credit cards to ID cards as well as bank notes , smart cards and authentication stickers which violates intellectual property, not to mention the irrecoverable damages to the merchant as well as other related industries. The current method to counter this treat is the introduction of holographic images, which is usually printed on these items. The conventional Lippmann holograms were mass produced through contact copy , where the master forms of these holograms were optically replicated, allowing for the simple mass production of identical holograms, however, it does not allow for the mass production of holograms containing individually variable information. To overcome this issue, Sony Disc and Digital Solutions (SDAD) has developed a new mass production technology capable of adding an additional layer of security to Lippmann holograms by recording individually distinct identification codes. Read more

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