23:35 Development of Tungsten Based Paper Capable of Blocking Radiation

August 1, 2012 · Filed Under Trendy Products · Comments Off on 23:35 Development of Tungsten Based Paper Capable of Blocking Radiation 

Toppan Printing and Kyoto University have jointly developed a special tungsten-based functional paper capable of blocking radiation. The newly developed paper takes advantage of radiation blocking property of tungsten, blocking such radiation as X-rays as well as gamma rays. The new functional paper is very easy to manufacture, where it can be cut, folded, or even can be affixed to other materials such as films. Being lead-free, the new product can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications where it comes into contact with people. One such application is in area of medicine where the walls, doors and curtains of radiology rooms and radiation therapy rooms can be covered with the materials, or it can be used as simple shielding materials in operating theaters as well as medical wards where it is difficult to block radiations. It can also be used as shielding materials for floors that have been contaminated in nuclear medicine laboratories and for transport boxes for radioisotopes. Other practical applications involve in regions affected by the nuclear disaster and recovery work by protecting individuals working in radioactive conditions and simple radiation shielding of contaminated materials and waste. It can also be used as building materials for building new evacuation centers such as gymnasiums in the affected areas. Toppan Printing will make sample shipment of this new paper for the medical as well as décor materials industries.

Development of a Fast, Inexpensive and Accurate Technology in Detecting Co2

September 8, 2011 · Filed Under Clean Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of a Fast, Inexpensive and Accurate Technology in Detecting Co2 

Group of Japanese researchers at Kyoto University have designed an inexpensive new material capable of fast and accurate detection of a specific gas under a wide range of circumstances. The new material in addition of being reusable, emits variable degree of visible light in the event of detecting gas, providing a simple way in designing monitoring devices. Read more

Air Purification a Mega Business in Japan

August 17, 2009 · Filed Under Editor's Corner · Comments Off on Air Purification a Mega Business in Japan 

With estimated 8 out of 10 individuals who suffer from one type of allergy or other during the year, which is mostly due to indoor type of allergens that in most cases can be easily controlled with introduction of air purification system in improving the indoor air quality. I don’t know about you but I get very confused with multitude of air purification products that are currently available in the market. Besides their fancy and glossy look they provide air purification through different method from the filter on our furnace if you happen to have one in Japan to HEPA air purifier as well as ionic air cleaners, and let’s not forget the ones with humidifying functions that supposedly is capable of washing the air, oh… yes the OZONE air cleaner type too to name a few. Well, in actuality air cleaning or should I say air purification business is an old business dated back to early 1800s in United States at the start of the industrial revolution. It was developed by John and Charles Dean in 1823 for a sole purpose of helping firefighters to overcome the dangers of smoke fumes. Then in 1845 came another version of mask protecting coal miners against the surrounding polluted air which was developed based on charcoal based filtration technology pretty much the same technology that is in use in today’s carbon based air cleaners. Since then air purification has taken a giant step to find itself in a mainstream market with its introduction for the residential use thanks to Hammes brothers in Switzerland whom went on developing and manufacturing residential air purifiers in 1971 which later on in 1990 the system was introduced in Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Read more

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