Development of Novel Material with Reversible Photochromism Characteristics, Paving the way for Next Generation Ultrahigh-Density Memories and Displays

February 9, 2011 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Inorganic Photochromic materials has been considered for quite sometimes as an ideal candidate in manufacturing the next generation high-density memories as well as displays, due to their responsiveness to visible light for manufacture high capacity memories by using semiconductor laser or LED as its light source. But most inorganic materials do not exhibit photochromic response to visible light, plus they have a low durability, or even worse they show a slow color change and poor color reversibility (i.e. failed to decolorize after being irradiated several times.). Furthermore, the color of most of these materials was blue. In repose to overcome these inherent difficulties, group of researchers at AIST in Japan has developed a composite metal oxide materials that has a stable and reversible phtochromism when it is irradiated alternately with blue and green monochromatic lights. Read more

Dainippon Screen Makes its entry into Green Market through introduction of Compact wet Station

June 25, 2010 · Filed Under Green Tech · Comments Off on Dainippon Screen Makes its entry into Green Market through introduction of Compact wet Station 

Dainippon Screen made an announcement on development of CW-1500, a compact wet station, a batch type automatic cleaning system designed to fulfill the needs of eco-friendly products market, known as “green devices” market sector. The new development was part of FRONTIER project with aim of expanding its line of manufacturing systems for wafer 200 mm and smaller with high variety, low volume production, a must requirement in the green device manufacturing systems, such as LED, solar cells, secondary cells as well as power devices. Read more

Development of Industry’s thinnest package LED by ROHM

November 15, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of Industry’s thinnest package LED by ROHM 

ROHM has released industry’s thinnest form factor LED package. the 3-color LEDs in SRGB series features a brightness of 1.8cd (white) offering a superior color uniformity plus the capability of color sorting performance in minimizing variations. The thinner form factor of onlt 0.6mm would allow the LED to be configured in a longer distance away from the object resulting in uniform lighting and color mixing. Read more

Release of Industry’s Thinnest LEDs by ROHM

November 11, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Rohm now offers to the world industry’s thinnest LEDs. The PICOLED series by the company comes in a tiny 0.2mm thick package offering a high brightness. The newly developed PICOLED offers no brightness degradation in comparison to conventional products and at the same time achieves a reduction in mounting area and volume of 53% and 74% respectively over the standard 1608 size contributing to device miniaturization. Read more

Development of Industry’s First Monolithic Optical Proximity/Illumination Sensor with Touchless Motion Detection Capability by ROHM

November 4, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

Rohm made an announcement on development of industry’s first single-chip optical proximity/illumination sensor IC featuring touchless motion detection functionality targeted at electronic devices using touch panel such as smart phones and digital cameras. The new optical proximity sensor will be incorporated into these devices in order to turn the touch sensor and LCD panel ON or OFF when the phone is moved away from to and from user’s ear; it is also used for adjusting the brightness of the screen based on the ambient conditions resulting in longer battery life. The single chip BH1771GLC comes with two photodiode, one for detecting visible light and another one for infrared light detection providing the capability of proximity sensing from 1 to 10cm plus brightness from 0 to 65,000 lux. Read more

Development of an Energy-Efficient, Slim light guide Panel by Kuraray

October 24, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · Comments Off on Development of an Energy-Efficient, Slim light guide Panel by Kuraray 

Kuraray made an announcement on launch of an energy saving, thin, edge-light system light guide panel targeted to be used for LED sign boards. The newly developed product is an ELS acrylic light guide panel designed for sign boards that use LEDs as the luminous source. In comparison to currently used direct-illuminating type fluorescent signboards, the new product features a significantly thinner design while offering even light emission over its entire surface and at same time as it reduces the power consumption as its eco-friendly feature resulting in decrease in running cost. Read more

Development of Silicon Reflector material and transparent protective film for high-brightness LEDs

September 15, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

One of the available methods in improving the brightness of LED lights is by using reflector material which simply reflects the light emitted by LEDs to the front of the display. Currently the material that has been mainly used for reflector is polyphthalamide (PPA), a thermoplastic resin. But PPA tend to change in color in presence of high temperature from the surface of chip of high brightness LED light causing the light’s reflection efficiency to deteriorates resulting in lower brightness of LEDs in such product as general lighting products as well as backlighting unit in LCD TVs. Based on this need, Shin-Etsu Chemical Co, has developed a new silicon base reflective material which exhibits a superior heat resistance and photo-thermal stability properties capable of reflecting light with efficiency of more than 98% with no resulting degradation in LED’S light intensity. Read more

Industry’s first ultra thin, ultra long Flexible Printed Circuit

June 11, 2009 · Filed Under Trendy Products · 1 Comment 

FPC is used to enable the thin wiring possessing to its thin, light, highly flexible and highly dense characteristics. But due to unavailability of thin FPCs, thin cables have been used instead as a wiring material for narrow and long places. The conventional thin wire has inherent issues namely that the thinner the cable the more complex harness-making process becomes which increases the chances for incorrect wiring. Based on this OKI Electric Cable has announced the development of an ultra thin, ultra long flexible printed circuit (FPC). The new FPC has achieved a narrow width of 2mm and a length of up to 3 meter which was so far difficult to make. Read more

Development of new power supply for LED lighting

April 20, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech · 1 Comment 

As the use of LED lighting expected to take the mainstream in a near future due to its popularity in addressing many environmental issues but its life time has been reduced due to short life time of its power supply. Although the life time of LED itself is as long as 30,000 to 40,000 hours the lifetime of its power supply is as short as 10,000 hours which is attributed to the electrolytic capacitor. The newly developed power supply by Kaga Components Co a design and manufacturing of power Supply out of Tokyo has a lifetime of more than 100,000 hours. Read more

Toshiba’s new Regza LCD TV series with LED backlight control system

April 9, 2009 · Filed Under Green Tech, Trendy Products · 2 Comments 

Toshiba unveiled its new series of Regza LCD TV series with LED backlight control system using Toshiba’s newly developed LSI capable of controlling the light emission for each area on the screen resulting in a high Dynamic Contrast Ratio of 2,000,000:1. The new series take advantage of “Full-HD Clear Panel” technology for their LCD panels offering a glossy surface. The Full-HD Clear Panel is capable of reducing the diffused reflection of external light on the screen surface while preventing light from inside the panel from being diffused on the surface resulting in further increase in contrast ratio. Read more

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